Avoid being overcharged for taxi in Makarska

In this post, read all about the local taxi services in the area of Makarska and surrounding places (Krvavica, Promajna, Baska Voda, Brela, Tucepi, Podgora, Igrane, Zivogosce), the Makarska Riviera area and even the Airports Split and Dubrovnik.


Makarska is a small tourist town surrounded by even smaller towns, with the closest airport being Split Airport, and therefore most of the taxi traffic takes place in the summer months during the tourist season. During the months of the summer season, from about May to October, a large number of tourists arrive and it is possible that some taxi drivers take the opportunity to overestimate their taxi services that they charge to naive tourists. Most often these are some taxi drivers who are not from Makarska or not registered at all. Therefore, here we will try to list some common routes or destinations and approximate prices for those routes. Of course, the price depends mostly on the mileage you need to travel to reach your destination, especially when it comes to longer distances, but the price can also depend on other factors such as traffic jams, increased demand for taxi services in the city, etc. , but let's start in sequence.

The most commonly requested route is a local taxi ride in Makarska, for example from one part of town to the center or to the beach, and such a ride if it is for 1-3 people (a small car) should not be more expensive than 50 kn, about 7 €. Most often, this is also the minimum price, whether it is 500 meters or 2 kilometers, but within the city. In the case of city trips, we should mention also the village of Veliko Brdo, which is located above the city of Makarska and is a frequently requested taxi route Veliko Brdo - Makarska and it should cost about 80 kn for 1-3 people.

The following routes apply to places outside but near Makarska, such as a Tucepi taxi, so a Tucepi-Makarska or Makarska-Tucepi ride for a small vehicle is 80 kn (about 11 €) or for a van (4-8 people) 100 kn (about 13 €). Taxi Podgora, the fare for Podgora-Makarska or Makarska-Podgora is 150 kn, about 14 €. Taxi Baska Voda, the fare Baska Voda-Makarska or Makarska Baska Voda is also 150 kn because the number of kilometers Makarska-Podgora is similar to Makarska-Baska Voda. Taxi Brela, the price of Brela-Makarska or Makarska-Brela should not be more expensive than 200 kn (about 26 €). There are some other routes like Igrane-Makarska or Zivogosce-Makarska and the price should also be around 200 kn (26 €), but these routes are not as frequent as those listed above.

Finally, we come to the most expensive, and perhaps the most important taxi ride, which is the Split Airport-Makarska or Makarska-Split Airport connection, and when choosing who will drive you, you should be especially careful. Such a taxi transfer you should pay from 80-100 € and no more if it is a small vehicle (1-3 passengers). We especially emphasize this route Split Airport - Makarska because we know of some cases where customers have even paid twice the stated price, which you certainly do not want. There is also a transfer from Dubrovnik Airport-Makarska or Makarska-Dubrovnik Airport which costs around 200 €, but this transfer is not as frequent as Split Airport is closer to Makarska than Dubrovnik.

Book your taxi transfer in the right place and keep your wallet!