Biokovo Skywalk Trip

High on the Ravna Vlaška part of the Biokovo Nature Park, the first glass sky walk in Croatia is being built for those who are not afraid of mountain abysses. We will introduce you to a new attraction and ways to visit it.

This unique Skywalk is situated in Biokovo Nature Park at an altitude of 1228 meters. And without new skywalk the mountain of Biokovo is beautiful and offers many natural beauties such as scenery and protected species of plants and animals, but this attraction gives all visitors a special adrenaline experience. 

Makarska is well known for its unique combination of sea, beach and mountain and you can see and feel all three of the above at the Biokovo Skywalk. The sky promenade is built of glass so you will feel like you are hovering in the air while you have great view of Makarska and surrounding places as well as the open sea.

What is the role of our taxi transfer company in this? We are here to provide you with safe and comfortable transportation to this attraction, wait for you while you enjoy this special walk and view and then to bring you back. If you are brave enough for this walk, book your taxi to Skywalk on Biokovo!