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On the mere sloping ground of the Biokovo, on the 150 m height above sea level, 2 km east of Baška Voda, Bast is placed. The name Bast, probably drawing its roots from the ancient times (Biston), was written for the first time in 1434. Besides the examples of the wonderfully preserved Dalmatian architecture (buildings paved with rock plates with stone chimneys and salt-pans) a place is also decorated by St Roko's church (XV ct) in gothic style and a late-baroque Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1636) which in the end of the XIX century receives new marble alters (J. Barišković). Around the church there is an old graveyard where there are the four most interesting tomb stones with chiselled-in shields, swords and a half-moon (XVI – XV ct). On the north from the village there is an archeological site, St Elias' chapel (1895) and St Nicolas' chapel (1926) and by the source Smokvina on the archeological site Grebišće there is a standing tomb-stone decorated with ornaments (XIII/XV). Bast was the center of the parish until 1885 when the parish priest's office moved to Baška Voda. Along with the agricultural work, the place also earned a living from the stone-pit, but in the end of the XX century it turns to tourism, and so it offers rooms and apartments in private homes and gastronomical pleasures in the Dalmatian wine-cellar.

Distance from essential destinations:

Bast is faraway:

- 190 kilometers from Dubrovnik airport

- 460 kilometers from Zagreb airport

- 190 kilometers from Zadar airport

- 90 kilometers from Split airport

- 15 killometers from city of Makarska


  Oneway Return
Baška Voda 22 EUR 42.9 EUR
Biokovo Skywalk Tour 109 EUR 212.55 EUR
Bratuš 22 EUR 42.9 EUR
Brela 27 EUR 52.65 EUR
Brist 45 EUR 87.75 EUR
Drašnice 35 EUR 68.25 EUR
Drvenik 45 EUR 87.75 EUR
Gradac 49 EUR 95.55 EUR
Igrane 39 EUR 76.05 EUR
Krvavica 22 EUR 42.9 EUR
Makarska 22 EUR 42.9 EUR
Podaca 45 EUR 87.75 EUR
Podgora 35 EUR 68.25 EUR
Promajna 22 EUR 42.9 EUR
Split 69 EUR 134.55 EUR
Split Airport 74 EUR 144.3 EUR
Tučepi 27 EUR 52.65 EUR
Zaostrog 45 EUR 87.75 EUR
Živogošće 41 EUR 79.95 EUR